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Bill Neugent

Need a great speaker? Bill's a national expert on cybersecurity and a best-selling novelist. He’s also:

  • “One of the best speakers I've ever heard. Brilliant, stimulating and entertaining."
  • "fantastic... I cannot recall when I have been so entertained and informed at the same time."
  • “just this side of Johnny Carson."

Find out why dozens of computer conferences, offices, and government organizations have invited Bill as a lunch or dinner speaker or featured keynoter. Find out why he googles as the top hit for cybersecurity speaker or cyberterrorism speaker. Check out his security talks or his past and future speaking engagements.

Or let the “briefing guru” show you how to do it yourself. Bill gives a talk called “How To Give A Briefing” that he presents to rave reviews. The talk is based on both his speaking experience (over 1,000 presentations) and his perspective as a novelist, which explains the subtitle of Show As You Tell. “How To Give A Briefing” is also the title of Bill’s forthcoming book.

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Bill's Amazon top-500 novel is a creative enhancement to your computer conference or training program.

Need a story, a pithy quote, a crackling interview? Hear the view of a cybersecurity expert and novelist on cyberterrorism.

Need a riveting and entertaining speaker or just a monthly laugh? Subscribe to You've Got To Be Kidding and receive a free monthly cybersecurity oddity.

Need a great speaker? Want to become one yourself? Want to improve the briefing skills of your colleagues? Bill can help.

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Updated: 15-Jul-2014