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Brother John

Brother John - a good book arouses passion

A good book
arouses passion

No Outward Sign is "an engaging and compelling story, well told," said John Gilligan, the Chief Information Officer (CIO) of the U.S. Air Force.

"Read it in two sittings," said Charlie Sherupski, formerly the senior information security officer at the Central Intelligence Agency.

Check out the book that a dozen planning groups bought for 1,400 conference attendees.

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"Hard to put down"

"Highly entertaining"


Bill has a variety of ongoing projects, some nonfiction and some fiction. If he could only shake his day job, he’d finish these much sooner. But the day job pays the bills.

Bill gives terrific talks on cyberterrorism and on how he published and marketed his novel.

See where Bill’s speaking or appearing. Share the folly of his journey through marketing land in stories and pictures. Check out our gallery of promotional items and other marketing gimmicks.

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Updated: 04-Mar-2003