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Chocolate Cigar Selection

Authors need a gift to hand out to people who help, such as to a bookseller who hosts a signing. Before Bill soon launched an initiative to do signings in bookstores, he and Jill brainstormed gift ideas. Jill came up with the idea of a chocolate cigar and researched the Internet for sources. It turned out chocolate cigar companies go way beyond the standard “It’s a boy!” and “It’s a girl!” options. Now you can specify your message and order over the net. Jill, however, decided she could get a better cigar at lower cost by designing it herself.

First, she chose candidate cigars. Below are official descriptions:

Ethel M Celebration Cigars. Gourmet panatelas molded of our pure milk chocolate and each in a tobacco-brown foil wrapper complete with cigar band-packaged as a set of three. A present perfecto for proud new papas, cigar aficionados and bachelor parties. Each chocolate cigar is 5.25" long. 3 for $9.50

Godiva Milk Chocolate Cigars. An unexpected treat, our solid milk chocolate version of the after-dinner cigar looks like the real thing and tastes absolutely delicious. Individually wrapped and displayed in a vintage-style box of four, they're always welcome as office gifts or as clever tokens of congratulations for new parents. 3 for $12.50

Goldkenn SWISS PRALINÉ CIGARS from Switzerland. Who could resist the unique blend of succulent praliné chocolate, wrapped in a crisp wafer cookie? Each cigar box contains 16 Praline cigars. Each cigar is individually finished. Makes a great congratulations gift for a new dad to pass out to his friends. 3 for $12.99

Jill, mother Ruth, and sister Jan,
the Chocolate Cigar Selection Committee

Jill, mother Ruth, and sister Jan, the Chocolate Cigar Selection Committee

“I’m sorry it’s not a lollypop.
It would last longer.”

A chocolate cigar selection committee was appointed and convened at the Nordstrom Café at the Columbia Mall in Columbia, Maryland. Deliberations were thoughtful and analytical:

“You’ll have to show me how to hold it. I’ve never smoked a cigar.”

“I like the solid one. There’s more to it.”

“Women will like the Godiva cigar. It’s got a rich taste.”

“Men will like the Ethel M. cigar. Looks and size do matter.”

In the end, the ladies agreed the winner was Ethel M Celebration Cigars.

Jill printed the graphic of the cigar band onto Avery Sticker Project Paper, covered the paper with a laminating sheet, cut the bands out, and wraped them around the cigars. This approach only makes sense because Bill and Jill are not expecting to give out too many cigars, but want those given out to be distinctive. Readers desiring to be gifted with such coveted cigars should ponder cigar-worthy acts that help promote Bill’s novel.

Chocolate Cigar Band

TaleCatcher Cigar Band

designed by Jill


Updated: 04-Mar-2003