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Bill has a variety of ongoing projects, some nonfiction and some fiction. If he could only shake his day job, he’d finish these much sooner. But the day job pays the bills.

Also on this page is information on Bill's next novel and on where you can buy his first fiction short story, The Relic.

How To Brief section

Forthcoming in late 2006 will be Bill’s first nonfiction work, entitled How To Give A Briefing. It will be based on his briefing by the same name.

Guilt Games section

Are your mother's guilt trips getting to you? Need to vent? Submit your guilt experience for possible inclusion in Bill's upcoming book, Guilt Games and How To Play Them. Or read the contributions that others have submitted. If your guilt experience is used in the book, you will receive an acknowledgement, unless of course you'd prefer anonymity.

Bill already has I guess you were busy last night, don't open it just for me, after all I did for you, and other sure-fire techniques harvested from guilt professionals. He also has guidance on how to use sighs and why you must have a "problem."

See suggestions people have submitted for inclusion in the book. This upcoming book will make a great gift for anyone who has a mother or needs a refresher course in acting like one.

Grandmother Rose,
trying to please

Grandmother Rose,

Nothing you do is enough

Guilt Games book cover picture

Buy the book for:

  • Suffering daughters
  • Suffering sons
  • Mothers
  • New retirees
  • Residents of assisted living or nursing homes
  • Home owners who offer bathroom reading

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  Submit your guilt experience

  Be informed of the book's release

Bill's Next Novel section

What if a farm girl banished for having magic defends her village against a self-proclaimed god possessed of an unknown force called technology?

Jeneth Silverthorn lives in the fairy-tale village of Blue Spires on the remote edge of a world called Panora, where few believe the ancient tales that tell of a Time Before Time. Yet the mysterious arrival in Blue Spires of a black-robed priest and rumors of a god known only as The Purifier put Jeneth’s world on a collision course with a distant past. Look for the Daughter of Light, appearing in 2007.

The Relic section

Bill's first short story is an allegorical psycho-thriller called "The Relic" and is included in PRONTO! WRITINGS FROM ROME, a collection of stories and musings inspired by a trip to Rome and published by Writers House Books, from TripleTree Publishing. Among the other contributors are national best-selling authors Dorothy Allison, Terry Brooks, and John Saul. The book is being used as a textbook in a 400-level English course at Tarleton State University, Stephenville, TX.

Pronto book cover picture

"Compiled and edited by John Tullius, Pronto! Writings from Rome is a unique and enthusiastically recommended selection of stories, essays, and poems all written by a gallery of distinguished contributors expressly by special request and on location within the boundaries of Rome. Embodying the ancient city of Rome in verse, majesty, sensory impressions and more, Pronto! Writings from Rome is an impressive, moving and diverse offering showcasing dozens of literary snapshots into the life and lore of this great center of European and world history. Whether you are an armchair traveler who enjoys well crafted travelogues or are planning your own personal trip to the Eternal City, you will enjoy reading Pronto! Writings from Rome."   

-- Midwest Book Review

Buy the book section

"Pronto! Writings from Rome" (which includes Bill Neugent's "The Relic") is now available at:

star bullet  Amazon.com

star bullet  BarnesandNoble.com


Updated: 04-Mar-2003