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Dinner Audience

Dinner Audience

Need a great speaker? Want to become one yourself? Want to improve the briefing skills of your colleagues? Bill can help. He’s a nationally recognized security expert who gives lunch, dinner, and featured keynote talks on a wide variety of security topics. He also gives a dynamite talk on How To Give A Briefing, based on his forthcoming book by the same name.

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Hear the briefing (now) or read the book (forthcoming late in 2006). Either way, improve your briefing skills and learn to Show As You Tell.

Bill is one of the top security speakers in the country. Need a featured speaker on one of the hottest topics of our time?

Whether in person or in the media, Bill has a proven track record. His talks sizzle, as do his TV, radio, and print media interviews.

“One of the best speakers I've ever heard. Brilliant, stimulating and entertaining.” “fantastic brief ... I cannot recall when I have been so entertained and informed at the same time.”

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Updated: 04-Mar-2003