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Anyone can give good briefings and most people can give great ones. Let Bill Neugent show you how. He’s an experienced lunch, dinner, and keynote speaker with over 1,000 speaking appearances. Now he’s translated this wealth of experience into a briefing on How To Give A Briefing.

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The Briefing section

One of the first lessons learned by fiction writers is the difference between showing and telling. As Bill wrote his best-selling novel, he discovered that the tricks of storytelling apply equally to briefings. Transform your own briefings by learning to Show As You Tell. In less than an hour, Bill can show you how it’s done and tell you how to do it.

Contact Bill to request him as a speaker.

Testimonials section

“Invaluable, not only on the job but also in every day life... I loved it. I more than loved it.”

Amal Fayad Beidas
Richmond Hill, GA

“Captivating... At the end of the presentation I asked the audience how many people learned something valuable from the session. Every hand in the room went up in unanimous agreement. We are still receiving positive comments from our attendees.”

James E. Molini
Newark, DE

“Excellent... Inspiring.”

Elaine Mullen
Alexandria, VA

“After hearing Bill, I'm going to make a lot of changes to my briefing.”

Christine Lewis
Glenwood, MD

“[Our presentation at City Hall Chicago]...received a very favorable review in the Chicago Sun Times this morning. A big special thanks goes out to Bill Neugent for taking the time to share his ideas for building a persuasive presentation. Thanks Coach Bill. Bill is the best...a GREAT COACH!!!”

Rick Barrett

The Book section

Forthcoming in late 2006 will be Bill’s first nonfiction work, entitled How To Give A Briefing. It will be based on his briefing by the same name.


Updated: 04-Mar-2003