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Welcome to the premier issue of TaleCatcher™ News, Bill Neugent's monthly eZine. Every issue will have three sections:

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Bill Neugent
The Amazon top-500 author of No Outward Sign

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You've Got To Be Kidding

Hacked Off

There seems little doubt that Stefan Puffer hacked into the Harris County district clerk's wireless computer system. In fact, as reported by Rosanna Ruiz of the Houston Chronicle, “One breach occurred ... when Puffer showed clerk's office officials and a Houston Chronicle reporter how he was able to break into the system using his laptop, a computer program and a phone card.” The reporter did what reporters do - published an article in the Chronicle. The justice officials did what justice officials do - charged Puffer with “two counts of unauthorized access into a protected computer system and unauthorized access of a computer system used in justice administration.”

Jurors took “about fifteen minutes” to acquit Puffer. According to Puffer's attorney, '“throughout the trial we proved ... the county had their wireless butt out....”' Ruiz reported that, during the trial, “an FBI agent testified that Puffer asked during questioning what punishment he faced if he was found guilty. The [Federal prosecutor] interpreted the question as an admission of guilt.” For the record, Puffer faced up to five years in federal prison for every count.

You've Got To Be Kidding Archives

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Treasure Hunt Clue

Crack the Code

Dangling at the end of the Author's Notes and Acknowledgments that conclude Bill's novel is this odd sentence:

     For he had to write out the best nonsense, and hide it.

Looks suspicious, doesn't it? Like a huge anagram. In fact, it is a huge anagram. You can beat your head against the wall trying to decode it on your own.

What you'll discover is that you can win a thousand dollars by being the first to find the message hidden within Bill's book.

When you've found and decoded the message, Contact Bill. Look to future issues of TaleCatcher™ News for clues. Note that this is a game of skill, and it's not an easy game.

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News Headlines

No Outward Sign hits Amazon top-500

The novel finally was posted for sale on on Thursday, 20 February, and received its initial sales ranking the following Monday -- 1,779,363. Bill did a press interview Monday morning that was picked up by a cybersecurity news service. Sales soared. By Wednesday morning the book achieved a sales rank of 488, making it one of the 500 best-selling books on Read the interview that made it happen.

During the last few days of the month, Bill did another interview with the press and received invitations to keynote two conferences, including one major conference that will buy copies of No Outward Sign for all 150 of the high-ranking government executives attending. All this just days after a book signing in which Bill tied the world's record for fewest books sold at a signing - none. This record will stand the test of time, unless some poor sap author manages to combine a shutout with the loss of some books by theft. Read about Bill's February marketing adventures. By the way, the keynote talk Bill will be giving at conferences is entitled, Cyberterrorism, We're Toast. If you need a keynote at a conference you're planning, contact Bill.

During the final hours of the month, Bill issued his first press release to thousands of press distribution outlets nationwide. Check or next month's newsletter to find out what came of it.

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Sound Bites

Over Here

Worried about terrorism? Bill tells what you can do about it. He wrote a Sound Bite to the tune Over There, removing one letter from the old title to produce: Over Here.

Note: Future versions of Sound Bites will link to an audio recording of the tune.



If you're one of the lucky readers who have one of the limited-edition first-hundred copies of No Outward Sign, the News section of this eZine will help you judge the value of your investment. If you don't own one of these beauties, but would like to, there are still some left, although the supply is dwindling. Just contact us at If you'd like to pay an outrageous price for one of the first ten numbered books (ranging in price from $50 for 10/100 to $1,000 for the original, genuine 1/100), consult first your therapist and your significant other and then contact us at

Enjoying this newsletter and wish there were more to read? Try the novel. It's better than drugs, better than a stiff workout, better than a hot bath:

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