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The month of April found me on my first cross-country speaking and book-signing tour, with stops in Alabama, New Mexico, and Virginia. The most unusual book promotion experience, though, was my first radio spot. Imagine the sales surge from being the featured guest on a New York City radio talk show. Actually, the surge would have been better left to the imagination. Check out the book tour and radio show in News Headlines, below.

A new feature of the newsletter begins this month — Whining and Dining. This presents a noteworthy dining experience Jill and I had during the month, with emphasis on upscale dining in the D.C. area.

Bill Neugent
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You've Got To Be Kidding

Office workers at London's Waterloo Station were recently asked a series of questions about security, including: What is your password? Three quarters of the people simply blurted out their passwords. An additional fifteen percent tried to hold out but fell victim to trick questions. Only ten percent proved sufficiently security conscious (or unhelpful) to keep their passwords secret. Fat lot of good it did, their colleagues having already sold the store.

This “survey,” as reported by John Leyden in The Register, was conducted by the folks who organized the InfoSecurity Europe 2003 conference. As for office ethics, the “majority of workers (80 per cent) would take confidential information with them when they change jobs and would not keep salary details confidential if they came across them…. Two thirds of workers admitted they had emailed colleagues illicit, unsavory pictures or dirty jokes [with] 91 per cent of men [having sent] unsavory emails compared to only 40 per cent of women.”

What this means is security that depends on users will work about as well as a car with an independent steering wheel on each tire. After all, the annoying thing about vehicles is, they go where you point them.

You've Got To Be Kidding Archives

Treasure Hunt Clue icon

Treasure Hunt Clue

Last month’s clue revealed that seven is lucky. This month’s clue is that good things come in threes. For some diligent, persistent treasure hunter, these hints could give enough information to solve a puzzle that probably has been utterly out of reach until today.

This is a contest that will result in someone winning $1,000. Remember, this is a game of skill and no purchase is necessary.

News Headlines icon

News Headlines

I presented my first keynote speech as a novelist right after a two-star general gave a strong endorsement for No Outward Sign and an elegant Southern lady spoke of the book’s steamy sex scenes. These followed my first in-person interview with a journalist and my first bookstore-run signing, where I shared a space with Barry Boehm, the software development guru.

My first radio appearance came on 2 April. Had it come a day earlier, it would have made more sense. Read how white male neoconservatives sought world domination as terrorists shot down a space shuttle.

Other speeches followed in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and Reston, Virginia. We took advantage of the trip out West to do a drive-by tour of Santa Fe, Taos, and Albuquerque. Read about the talks and tours.

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Sound Bites

She was pretty; the night was hot. While they danced, she took off her blouse. She had on a red bra. Bill, single at the time, asked her on a date. She griped about her ex, but the more she said, the more Bill grew to like her ex.

When Bill and Jill figure out how to do streaming audio, these Sound Bites will come alive.

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Whining and Dining

Jill and I dine out at upscale restaurants as our main form of entertainment. So when good friends recommended I include restaurant reviews in this newsletter, the idea resonated. These mainly will be reviews of restaurants in the D.C. area, so my apologies to those of you who live in other places. You could of course arrange for a book-signing in your area so that we can visit and do restaurant research. :-)

One of our favorite dining spots is about to vanish — the Lounge at the Ritz-Carlton in Tysons II. Not many people knew that patrons could order meals in the lounge and dine at modest cost in one of the nicest rooms in the D.C. area. The lounge has the style of a Victorian dining room, with elegant décor, fine oil paintings, and even a crackling fire in Winter months. Where else could you have a great burger or a halibut entrée and listen to excellent live piano music or a combo? The one rub was the wine, which ranged in price from $11.00 to $28.00 per glass, with the one exception of Steven Kent Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon at $8.50. We stuck with Steve, and the generous portions poured by waiters we came to know well.

Unfortunately, management at the Ritz decided the lounge was not taking in enough money. They decided to transform the place into something Tysons Corner needs even less than SARS — another steak place. Yee cripes! Within about a mile of the Ritz are Capital Grill, Flemings, JR Stockyards, J Gilbert, Mortons, Sam and Harry’s, and The Palm, most of them serving up chunks of nearly raw meat in portions sized for a Tyrannosaurus. Whatever else the decision might have been, it was not creative.

So this new segment of the newsletter begins with an ending, a whiney rant at the loss of an old friend.



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