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Bill Neugent on Fox 28 TV

Worms and viruses, hackers, all covered before. Need a new twist? Bill Neugent is one of the country's top cybersecurity strategists and is plugged in to current events. You won't find a better color commentator. He brings not only technical insight, but also the eye of a storyteller, having written a novel about a cyberterrorist attack on America. He knows how to interview, with short, punchy answers that inform as they entertain. Let him spice up your show.

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Bill is available for radio, TV, and print-media interviews and for speaking at conferences, civic groups, and writing groups.

See Bill's recent news coverage and a few curiosities from ancient history.

Find information about Bill's cybersecurity thriller, his professional technical credentials, or his personal background.

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Updated: 04-Mar-2003