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Mid-way in his computer security career, Bill moved away from the World Apex of Self-important Hubris (WASH) and spent five years in what pentagonians know as “the field,” i.e., that part of the world that lies outside the pentagon.

What he encountered shattered his preconceived notions of reality and drove him to publish a series of articles intended to inoculate against Washingtonian smugness. He might have overshot his mark.

Nevertheless, these bizarre pieces became cult classics. They reveal the state of Bill’s writing at the time (sigh) and provide the first hint that he would eventually be driven to fiction. Speaking of which, if you find these morsels to your taste, move on to the entrée.

Neugents and neighbors
on West Harbor, Fishers Island

Neugents and neighbors on West Harbor, Fishers Island

Done right, security should be fun



Updated: 04-Mar-2003